Director of Professional Development

  • Confidential
  • Oviedo, FL, USA
  • Jan 15, 2020
Full time Executive

Job Description

Our client is a long time, evidence-based leader in the field of social emotional learning (SEL). It is a trauma-informed, brain based self-regulation program combining discipline, social-emotional learning and school climate into one integrated process.

To date, they have trained/coached more than 3.5 million individuals, participated in 35,862 conferences and workshops, ultimately impacting 17.4 million children. Their program has been implemented by approximately 935 school districts, 171,600 administrators, 616,320 educators and 11,000 Head Start classrooms. It is currently practiced in 47 countries and translated into 22 languages and more are on the horizon.

As a result of our continued growth and expansion into new markets, they are in search of a Director of Professional Development to lead company efforts in program development, research efforts and strategic partnerships.

Basic Function:
Full-time, executive-level position with oversight of the Professional Development Division and research, inclusive of strategic, collaborative and persuasive leadership, programs, events (summer institutes, workshops and industry conferences), Master and Certified Instructors and a staff team of 8-10 with responsibilities for implementation, contracts, bookings and events. Serves as an expert internally and externally in all matters pertaining to professional development and research. Creates and manages processes in collaboration with the executive team, universities, school districts, organizations, government officials and research partner, Child Trends. Designs implementation plans and integration of self-regulation and social emotional learning strategies. Cultivates strategic partnerships with public/private schools, community organizations, colleges/universities and agencies to further the companys mission.

Primary Duties, Professional Development:

Create, develop, promote, implement and assess system-level strategies to support Conscious Discipline Professional Development to move toward increased fidelity
Oversee daily operations of the Professional Development Division, including supervision of 8-10 office staff, operating budget, customer/client data collection, implementation and annual events calendar
Oversee the ongoing management of current local and regional programming (weeklong institutes, workshops and conferences) and facilitate the development of future programming and innovative strategies, including travel
Create and oversee an annual strategic plan to ensure success and follow-through, including an extensive advanced planning calendar, data collection plan from strategic scheduling to program evaluation and client follow-up
Create and oversee STAR program, the Coaching Clinic
Oversee and supervise all aspects of the Implementation Manager and Events Manager Positions
Perform ongoing assessment of implementation practices and provide recommendations for growth
Develop and operate within the parameters of a zero-balanced budget
Present program content and company information at professional conferences and events
Oversee the performance of, and maintain relationships with, approximately 90 independent contractors (Master and Certified Instructors), including travel to observe and evaluate their teaching/coaching/training methods, providing ongoing training plans and oversee mentor program and annual contract renewals.
Lead the certified instructor recruitment and selection process, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion
Build and maintain partnerships with third-party organizations and agencies to support social-emotional efforts.
Develop strategies to provide support and advice for customers and clients to resolve individual social-emotional issues, working closely with the Owner/Founder, CEO and other relevant personnel
Create, prepare and participate in professional development, workshops, conferences and committees as it pertains to innovative social emotional learning practices and research efforts
Partner with government affairs team and agencies as needed
Assess and develop the Instructor Mentor Program, focused on Master and Certified Instructor development and continuous improvement with fidelity of instruction and implementation as a end goal
Bring distinction to the Conscious Discipline movement nationally and internationally, making a significant impact on the field of education
Maintain current awareness of research in the field of SEL, classroom management, school culture and climate.
Collaborate and communicate with company Divisions on a regular basis
Attend all professional development-related meetings and events
Coordinate the writing and submission of grants as applicable for program strategies
Contributes to office family climate and culture

Primary Duties, Research:

Oversee research efforts in partnership with Child Trends, including study design, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, statistics, presenting and publishing results and management of relationships with implementation partners
Analyze information, strategies and practices; making adjustments and improvements as necessary
Develop and refine new and existing assessment tools for use by clients implementing Conscious Discipline
Coordinate the implementation of federal, state or other grants, including ensuring strategy implementation, follow-up with stakeholders, data collection and reporting and coordination with content specialists in the completion of applications and RFPs in compliance with federal, state and local laws
Participate in site assessments to determine implementation progress and potential
Assist and guide clients in areas of research collection and interest in tracking implementation data
Advise owner/founder and CEO of current developments in self-regulation and social emotional learning research
Establish and maintain inter-rater reliability within the Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor framework

Skillsand Abilities:

Strategic thinking and planning
Skilled multi-tasker and excellent time manager, ability to effectively achieve multiple goals and manage multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment
Sophistication in understanding learning differences and devising appropriate strategies for accommodating them
Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams
Initiative to solve problems coupled with a comfort level in asking for help when needed
Ability to develop and maintain professional relationships with networks of schools, agency and/or community partners that are currently utilizing Conscious Discipline and prospective clients as well as internally
Ability to maintain big picture vision as well as manage details
Demonstrated experience working in and fostering a diverse staff
A methodical approach, and the ability to analyze and process data
Analytical thinker and problem solver
Persuasive communicator, skilled in interpersonal communication and networking skills
Tenacity and patience, to see programs and research through from design to completion
Ability to