Software engineer

  • Gavilán Biodesign
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Nov 10, 2019
Full time Engineering

Job Description

We are recruiting a software engineer to help us implement and apply our unique drug discovery algorithms. Our aim is to develop better, more durable therapeutics against some of the world's most lethal diseases.


  • Work closely with our CTO to build and optimize our drug discovery software.
  • Implement and test algorithms related to drug discovery. These may involve continuous or discrete optimization, machine learning, 3-D geometry, or various related areas.
  • Collaborate with our chemistry and biology experts to develop software for their drug discovery workflow.


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, chemistry, or a related field
  • Familiarity with C++
  • Basic knowledge of chemistry
  • Sufficient mathematical background to read, implement and optimize published and novel algorithms relevant to drug discovery

Preferred skills

  • Experience in scientific programming, especially related to chemistry or biochemistry (e.g. molecular dynamics, docking, etc.)
  • Familiarity with Java, Kotlin, Python, and/or GPU programming
  • Understanding of organic chemistry and/or structural biology
  • Record of publishing peer-reviewed papers